Vocalist to perform in Omaha Friday night

Creighton's History; Habitat For Humanity

Cindy Workman talks with Creighton history professor Dennis Mihelich about his book on the history of Creighon University, and later Cindy talks with Creighton's Habitat For Humanity Chapter president Adam Ernest.

The Health Effects of Smoking

With Omaha's smoking ban recently put into affect, Cindy Workman talks with Dr. Syed Moheedun from Creighton's School of Medicine, and with Tim Grollmes, tobacco treatment specialist at Creighton's Cardiac Center.

Orbis Books; Sleep Cycles

Cindy Workman talks with noted author and publisher of Orbis Books Robert Ellsberg about his Markoe DePorres lecture at Creighton. Later in the show Dr. Naresh Dewan of Creighton's Sleep Disorders Laboratory talks about "falling back" one hour to standard time.

Allergy Treatments; Renovations at St. John's Church

Cindy Workman talks with Dr. Thomas Casale about some of the newest treatments for allergies, and Fr. Roc O'Connor discusses the renovations underway at St. John's Church on the Creighton campus.

Impulse records to be featured on documentary, Jazz in the Afternoon

Omaha, Nebraska – A one-hour documentary, The House that Trane built: The Story of Impulse Records, will be presented at 1pm Friday on KIOS.

The documentary explores the story of a major jazz label with a maverick spirit.

Public Safety Auditor Committee

Attorney Bassel El-Kasaby talks about the Public Safety Auditor Committee, due process and civil rights issues.

Saxophonist grew up in Omaha

Omaha, Nebraska – New York Baritone Saxophonist Frank Basile returns to Omaha Wednesday night for a performance in the Old Market.
Frank Basile is an Omaha raised baritone saxophonist who resides in New York City and has performed with the Vanguard Orchestra, Mingus Big Band, Dizzy Gillespie Alumni Big Band, Michael Bluble and many others.

Safety & Schools, Pt. 4: Gangs

This week's guests are Alberto Gonzalez of Boys and Girls Clubs of Omaha, and Lt. Richard Gonzalez of the Omaha Police Department.

How to Improve Diversity

Diversity expert and consultant Dr. David Campt--"The Race Doctor"--discusses his appearance at the Nebraska Minority Health Conference and how to improve diversity.


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