Safety & Schools, Pt. 4: Gangs

This week's guests are Alberto Gonzalez of Boys and Girls Clubs of Omaha, and Lt. Richard Gonzalez of the Omaha Police Department.

How to Improve Diversity

Diversity expert and consultant Dr. David Campt--"The Race Doctor"--discusses his appearance at the Nebraska Minority Health Conference and how to improve diversity.

"Dying While Black"

Ohio law professor and author Dr. Venellia Randell discusses high premature death rates of African Americans in the U.S.

Improving one's ACT and SAT scores

This week's guest is Patrick Coyle, director of Aim High Test Prep, Inc.

Safety & Schools, Pt. 3: Bullying

This week's guests are OPS Safety Facilitator Paul Carter and State Senator Gwen Howard (District 9, Omaha).

Domestic violence and sexual assault

This week's guest is Pam Brown, director of the Nebraska Domestic Violence Sexual Assault Coalition.

Social justice and the poor; participating in the electoral process

This week's guest is Rev. Dennis Hamm, S.J., theologan at Creighton University.

Safety & Schools, Pt. 2: Creating a Culture of Safety in Schools

This week's guest is Carolyn Grice, Facilitator of the OPS Safe, Secure and Disciplined Schools Program.

New OPS Magnet Schools

Michael Lyon talks with Sandy Day, Magnet Schools Administrator for Omaha Public Schools.

Safety and Schools, Pt. 1: Safety and Security

This week's guests are OPS Safety Specialist Roddie Miller and Omaha Police Officer Dave Newell.


OPS Student Spotlight:

Highlighting extraordinary students

Supe's On: Interviews with the OPS Superintendent