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Mission Statement:  KIOS-FM, Omaha's NPR® Station, is Omaha Public Radio and since its beginnings in 1969, the mission has been simple: to provide to the audience programming that cannot be found on commercial radio and serve as the educational extension of the Omaha Public Schools.

As the education extension of the Omaha Public Schools, KIOS-FM facilities are used as the lab of radio broadcasting students of the OPS Career Center.  Their work can be heard several times a week in programs designed and produced by the students.

On the programming side, KIOS-FM brings the best in programming from National Public Radio, American Public Media, Public Radio International and locally produced shows.  These programs represent the best in News, Information, Jazz and entertainment.  They inform and entertain.

KIOS-FM wants to hear from you!

General Contact Information:


3230 Burt St.
Omaha, NE  68131

Phone: 402-557-2777

Fax: 402-557-2559

Department Contact Information:

General/Audience Services: 402-557-2777, listener@kios.org

News Department: 402-557-2777, news@kios.org

Member Services: 402-557-2558, membership@kios.org

Underwriting Services: 402-557-2550, ed.mcgrath@ops.org

Webmaster: 402-557-2777, webmaster@kios.org


Contact Information for National Programs:


NPR (National Public Radio)
635 Massachusetts Ave. N.W.
Washington, DC 20001


Public Radio International (PRI)


APM (American Public Media)


PRX (The Public Radio Exchange)

Friends of KIOS:
The Friends of KIOS Broadcasting Service of the Omaha Public Schools is a 501(c)(3) organization that supports programming on KIOS.  There are currently no scheduled meetings of the Board of Directors of Friends of KIOS Broadcasting Service of the Omaha Public Schools.

Current Friends of KIOS board members:  Bill Harvey, Anthony Vargas, Susan Christopherson, Marc Kahn, Mike Sullivan

KIOS financial statements and our survey for the Corporation for Public Broadcasting appear below, in pdf format.  For questions or to view these documents in a different format, contact Ken Dudzik at 402-557-2555.