Job Openings

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Period Covered by this Report ("Period"):  February 1, 2015 through January 31, 2016
Call sign of station in Station Employment Unit:   KIOS-FM

I.    Full-time vacancies filled during period:  0

II.    Each recruitment or referral source ("source") used to seek candidates for each vacancy:  N/A

III.    Total number of persons interviewed for all full-time vacancies filled during period:  0

IV.    Total number of interviewees for all full-time vacancies filled during period per source:  0

V.   Outreach activities during reporting period:

1.    Student classes in radio and television production

    KIOS-FM is part of the OPS Career Center.  As part of the Career Center offerings, interested students were transported here each day from all of the Omaha high schools to study radio and television production.  The radio students’ projects, including a semi-weekly hour-long jazz program – “Jazz from Studio One” and a monthly five-minute record review, were broadcast on KIOS-FM at various times during the school year.  The television students are involved in studio and video productions including public service announcements, commercials, news reports, sporting events and interview segments. These classroom learning experiences exposed students to future broadcast employment possibilities.

2.    Student broadcast production activities during 2015-16

    Semi-weekly hour long Jazz program- “Jazz from Studio One”, a monthly five minute record review and station ID’s recorded during the second semester ending May 2015.   

3.            Student musical offerings

              KIOS records and airs music related events involving students from the Omaha Public Schools.  These include the All City Music Festival, the OPS mini-singers show choir spring concert and the University of Nebraska-Omaha Great Plains Jazz Festival.  These offerings edify the students, increase the prestige of KIOS-FM, and make KIOS-FM an attractive potential employer for all listeners.