investigation en Two fired OPD officers appeal to get their jobs back <div><p><span id="_oneup" style="font-size: 13px;">OMAHA, Neb. (AP) — Two Omaha police officers fired in an excessive force investigation have filed notices of appeal, indicating they intend to fight to get their jobs back.</span> Wed, 24 Apr 2013 16:39:52 +0000 Associated Press 28975 at Bellevue Police Chief on administrative leave <p>&nbsp;</p><p>Longtime <a href="">Bellevue Police Chief</a> John Stacey is on administrative leave.</p><p><a href="">Bellevue</a> city administrator Dan Berlowitz confirmed Thursday morning Stacey is on leave while the city attorney investigates a personnel matter. Berlowitz couldn&rsquo;t disclose any additional information.</p> Thu, 03 May 2012 15:23:04 +0000 Katie Knapp Schubert 12354 at Bellevue Police Chief on administrative leave