Listen Live Online

We have had reports of streaming issues when using the player on our website.  Our streaming provider is working on a solution.  If you're having trouble, please help us solve the problem by emailing us with what type of phone you're using, what operating system you are running, and what method you're having problems with. 

In the mean time, one of the methods below should work for you.  For smart phone users, we recommend option 4 or option 5.

There are several options available for listening to KIOS online:

  1. Listen using the "Play" button in the grey header bar on this site. (This is the preferred method. In the past, it has not worked on mobile, but that issue has been fixed.)
  2. Go to and click the Live Radio link in the upper right corner.  Then click "Search for Local Stations" and search for KIOS.
  3. Download the NPR News app for your mobile device (via the iTunes App Store or Google Play).  Choose Stations and find KIOS.
  4. Use one of the following streaming URLs to listen to bypass our player.  Depending on what type of device you're using, you may need to open this stream in a separate application such as iTunes or RealPlayer:
  5. Listen via TuneIn, online or via their app (available in the iTunes App Store or Google Play).

Please contact us at if you experience problems, or have any questions or concerns.