13 cases of flu reported in Douglas County

Nov 13, 2012

The Douglas County Health Department is encouraging everyone to get a flu shot.

Dr. Anne O’Keefe, Senior Epidemiologist, says the flu vaccine is the best way for everyone six months and older to protect themselves from influenza. 

She says it’s important get a flu shot each year since the virus is always changing.  Vaccinations are available either through via shot or nasal mist. 

Though winter begins next month, Dr. O’Keefe says there’s still time to get vaccinated.  She says flu season peaks in February or March so it's best to get the shot now. It takes two weeks to fully take effect. But Dr. O'Keefe says you can still a flu shot in January or later.

In addition to getting vaccinated, Dr. O’Keefe says people can lessen their chances of illness by simply washing their hands. 

More information is available online at under the disease control tab.