1959: Jazz's Vintage Year

Program profiles year of legendary Jazz recordings.

Omaha, Nebraska – As 2009 dawns, Jazz listeners can take a look back at one of the finest years in Jazz history.
1959: Jazz's Vintage Year will air New Year's Day at 8pm on KIOS.
The year of 1959 saw an unprecedented spate of jazz masterpieces. Among the albums released or recorded that year were the groundbreaking Kind of Blue by Miles Davis, Dave Brubeck's blockbuster Time Out, John Coltrane's leap forward Giant Steps, Ornette Coleman's avant-garde salvo The Shape of Jazz To Come, Charles Mingus' revolutionary-in-the-tradition Mingus Ah Um, and Bill Evans piano classic Portrait in Jazz. We'll hear selections from these seminal recordings and some historical perspective on Jazz's vintage year...1959.
The program is part of the Night Lights series produced by WFIU at Indiana University.
1959: Jazz's Vintage Year will air Thursday night at 8pm on KIOS.