The 1st annual Omaha Women's Triathlon has partnered with the Olson Center for Women's Health.

Omaha, NE – The Olson Center for Women's Health plans to partner with the 1st annual Omaha Women's Triathlon.

Event Director Courtney Dinslage says they are expecting about 800 participants for the Omaha Women's Triathlon. Dinslage says the partnership will benefit the local community by keeping the money raised in Omaha. She says the Olson Center will use the funds to strengthen education programs that are already in place for disease prevention. Dinslage says about 800 participants are expected for the inaugural event, "the race is a sprint distance so it makes it a little more approachable than an Olympic distance. So for the swim portion, they swim 750 meters. For the bike they bike 20 kilometers, which is approximately 12 miles and then they run 5 kilometers which is about 3 miles."

The 1st annual Omaha Women's Triathlon takes place next May. To register, the website is