The 2017 Omaha Metro Area Bike Map is online

Nov 20, 2017

The new 2017 Omaha Metropolitan Area Bicycle Map is available at a number of locations around the metro.

Mike Helgerson, MAPA Transportation and Data Manager, says this is the third iteration of the bike map which MAPA created with help from Live Well Omaha and RDG Planning and Design. 

Helgerson says this year the map has been released to the MAPA website which he hopes will encourage more people to use their bikes to navigate the metro. 

Helgerson explains the interactive map shows riders where there are dedicated bike lanes or marked shared routes throughout Omaha and Council Bluffs.

"Type in an address or landmark into the map and it will zoom into that particular area as well so in a lot of ways it functions like a web app is what we would call it.  We do have plans to see about having something that might be more like a traditional app that you download from the store.  It’s not something we are working on right now but definitely a huge opportunity.  All the work is really done we just have to find that way of kind of putting it into the wrapper.”

Helgerson says the map also shows riders the locations of bike sharing stations, fix it shops and bicycle racks. 

The map is located online at