The 21st Annual Well Workplace Awards Luncheon happens Thursday

Apr 11, 2012

Increased productivity and decreased absenteeism are just two of the benefits for employers that create a culture of health and wellness.

Rebecca Vinton Dorn is Executive Director for Wellness Council of the Midlands.  WELCOM sponsors an annual awards lunch honoring metro area companies for their efforts in promoting worksite wellness.  This year’s lunch will honor eight companies. 

Dorn says with health insurance costs on the rise, employers are smart to embrace wellness programs meant to prevent employees from getting sick in the first place.  Elizabeth Smart is the guest speaker for Thursday’s lunch.

"She’s going to be talking about overcoming adversity.  And since she’s been through a traumatic incident in her life, she’s going to talk to the audience about overcoming whatever it is that you might incur in your own life and how to overcome adversity.”

Dorn says criteria for being selected as a Well Workplace have been established by the Wellness Council of America. 

"Things like creating Senior Management support, creating a Wellness Team, collecting data, evaluating their programs.  The most important thing is the programs these companies are creating are seeing outcomes.  It’s not just the activity of the month; these programs at these organizations are really focused on the specific needs and interests of that organization."

The 21st Annual Well Workplace Awards Luncheon takes place Thursday at 11:30 a.m. at the Ramada Plaza Convention Center. 

Details are available by calling 402-934-5795.