2nd annual Disaster Preparedness Conference on tap for April

Feb 27, 2014

The Nebraska Center for Preparedness Education 2nd annual national conference on long-term and residential care disaster preparedness takes place April 15th and 16th at the Embassy Suites in downtown Omaha.

Dr. Philip Smith, Professor of Infectious Diseases at UNMC, says there are a number of unique challenges long term care facilities face when getting ready for a pandemic or a disaster. 

Dr. Smith says having a plan in the event of an emergency and practicing that plan are important.

"We think the preparation you do for one particular disaster will help you with other disasters so we are taking what we call an “all-hazards approach,” so lots of things you do to get ready for an influenza pandemic, for instance, would also get you ready for a fire or a local disaster.”

Dr. Smith says there will be several speakers at the conference. 

Topics covered will include legal issues in disaster planning, real-life disaster experiences, the myths and realities of natural disasters and an introductory incident command workshop.