300 Dana College Students will Attend Classes at Midland Lutheran College this fall.

Omaha, NE – Midland Lutheran College in Fremont has enrolled 300 of the displaced students from Dana College.

MLC President Ben Sasse says the two schools have a long history together and MLC wanted to make sure former Dana students were able to smoothly transition into the college. Sasse says the MLC board committed to six provisions for the Dana students. Those include honoring rooming commitments, automatic enrollments, honoring all financial aid and scholarship packages and restoring athletic eligibility to Dana athletes.

Sasse says MLC will also "add slots for Dana students to the student senate and will honor all summer jobs for students who were working on the Dana campus this summer." He says admission counselors are currently working weekends to help the students. For more information, the number is 402-941-6501 or online at