The 33rd annual Cornhusker State Games take place next month

Jun 13, 2017

The Cornhusker State Games is Nebraska’s Olympics. 

That’s according to Dave Mlnarik, Executive Director of the Nebraska Sports Council.  He says the 33rd annual multi-sport festival is coming up July 21-30 and will feature competitions in more than 60 sports for athletes of all ages and abilities.   

Mlnarik says there are traditional team sports such as baseball, basketball and soccer as well as individual events like swimming, track and field and wrestling.  Additionally, there are some off the beaten path activities such as chess, BMX racing and disc golf. 

Mlnarik explains there are three great reasons to take part in the games.

"Fitness, family and fun.  That’s how we put it.  You can participate in any given sport but you’re part of something really big.  12,000 athletes will likely sign up and participate.  And to be involved in something like that is really unique.  And in all of our competitions we stress that you’re there to have fun.”

Participants will compete at 70 venues in and around Lincoln.  For sport information and to sign up, the website is