4th Annual Deterrence Symposium is Underway

Aug 8, 2012

US STRATCOM is holding its 4th Annual Deterrence Symposium through tomorrow at the La Vista Conference Center. 

The conference brings together experts in industry, military, government and international affairs to discuss deterrence issues.  One goal of the conference is to encourage collaboration. 

General C. Robert Kehler is the commander of US STRATCOM.  He says one of the issues the symposium will address is cyber security. 

General Kehler says cyber space is important in every facet of our business today and is related to deterrence.

"We have advanced the ball here, I think, fairly significantly, in the last couple of years in terms of our being able to protect our military networks, part of the Defense Industrial Base.  But I will tell you that, as a country, we have some significant cyber vulnerabilities that we think could be attractive to an adversary and we need to act to get those closed.”

The theme of this year’s Deterrence Symposium is “Re-Examining Core Deterrence Concepts.”  Information is available here