$6.3 million raised for nonprofits during Omaha Gives

May 22, 2014

Omaha’s second annual day of giving raised twice as much as last year, with triple the participation.

$6.3 million was raised during Omaha Gives, and 569 nonprofit organizations took part. Last year, Omaha Gives raised $3 million for 318 groups.

Sara Boyd, president and CEO of the Omaha Community Foundation, which hosts Omaha Gives, says the success of the day of giving is a testament to the community.

"This is something we can all take pride in, because it takes the community to make it happen. We could plan any number of things and not have nearly the impact or result if the community just decided it wasn’t relevant. And I think what we heard loud and clear with yesterday’s Omaha Gives event was that the community cares and that giving matters in a big way here."

34,284 gifts were given in total during Omaha Gives. Boyd says the Omaha Community Foundation doesn’t yet know if all 569 organizations received donations.