7th Annual Prom Boutique Seeking Dresses

Dec 9, 2013

Now in its 7th year, the Ultra Chic Prom Boutique is currently collecting dresses for the event set for February 8th.

Lisa Sekundiak, Vice President and Owner of Max I. Walker, says the company is asking people to look through their own closets, and consider donating any unwanted prom dresses or bridesmaids gowns. 

After the dresses are dropped off, Max I. Walker cleans them and then displays them all at the boutique.  Sekuniak says dresses are sold for $25 each.

"We start with a fresh inventory every year so whether or not all of them have sold, we donate the leftover to the TimbelLake Outreach Facility so those continue to go on to even more use for the women who don’t make it to the event.  The women in the shelter and even not in the shelter can go to the Timberlake House if they have something special they need to go to, and find a formal.”

All proceeds from the dress sales go to the Lydia House.  The Ultra Chic Prom Boutique takes place from 9 to 3 on Saturday, February 8th.