AAA-Auto Club Group now offering free bicycle roadside service

May 16, 2017

In honor of National Bicycle Safety Month, AAA-The Auto Club Group recently announced that all membership levels will now include free bicycle service.

Rose White, Public Affairs Director for AAA-The Auto Club Group, says this new service is a response to the increase in the number of bicycle riders. 

She says whether you’re biking for recreation, exercise or for your daily commute, you can take advantage of this service. 

White says the bicycle roadside service provides an additional level of safety for motorists and bicyclists.

"AAA service technicians will be available to assist any stranded bicyclists.  And what they will do is secure the bike to the service vehicle and transport the rider and the bike to a point of safety.  If you have a basic membership, it provides up to 10 miles of coverage, for plus members, 100 miles of coverage and for premium plus members, 200 miles worth of coverage.”

White says bike riders should always ride with the traffic, using the rightmost lane.  She said they should obey same laws as motorists and be visible. 

White says if you’re a motorist, you should always check mirrors and blind spots. 

For more information, the website is