AARP Hosts Community Conversations on Health Reform

Oct 4, 2017

AARP Nebraska is hosting several community conversations on healthcare reform this month.

On Monday, October 23rd, AARP Nebraska will hold a community conversation on healthcare reform from 6 to 8 p.m. at the Millard Branch Library. 

The discussion is one of four taking place throughout October. 

Mark Intermill, advocacy director of AARP Nebraska, says AARP is holding the meetings to discuss different options for improving the Affordable Care Act. 

He says AARP Nebraska will share the information collected at the meetings with the appropriate elected officials, whether state or federal. 

Intermill says they want to understand what Nebraskans believe needs to be done in order to make health insurance more affordable.

"Start out by presenting the information, some of the things we’ve found about the Affordable Care Act, the marketplaces in Nebraska, what the premiums are, and how many people have enrolled, and compare that to what we are seeing in some other states.  And really acknowledge that there are some serious problems with the Affordable Care Act that really need to be addressed.”

Intermill says people will be able to record their opinions about different options right on the spot through the use of a remote control clicker. 

To reserve your spot, the website is