AARP report focuses on long-term care services for older adults

Jun 27, 2014

An AARP report gives Nebraska mixed results when it comes to meeting the long-term health care needs of older adults and the disabled.

The organization recently released a scorecard on long-term care services and supports for older adults and people with disabilities. It looked at areas such as affordability, access, choice of care, and quality measures.

AARP Nebraska Advocacy Director Mark Intermill says Nebraska needs work in the areas of affordability and access, particularly when it comes to Aging and Disability Resource Centers.

"Aging and Disability Resource Centers are entities that the federal government is encouraging states to establish that would be a place where people who may have some disability or need some long-term care services could turn to to get information about what’s available in the community, what to look for, just to help develop that system that would help them be able to get a full range of services that might be able to help them to live as independently as possible."

Intermill says Nebraska does well in the areas of quality of life and quality of care. The Scorecard is available at