AARP Working to Avert Retirement Crisis in Nebraska

Dec 26, 2013

According to the AARP, at least 40% of Nebraska workers do not have access to a retirement plan.

Mark Intermill, with AARP Nebraska, says many of these individuals plan to use Social Security as the primary income. 

But he says this will not be enough to support these people in their retirement. 

As means of combating this problem, Intermill says some states are looking at creating a State K-type of program that would be specifically for those workers employed by companies that don’t offer any type of retirement savings plan.

"Giving them good investment options.  Trying to reduce the costs associated with those types of savings plans as well.  So just trying to pool those savings for those employees who do not have any other option currently, so they can have a good chance of building up that nest egg for retirement.”

Currently, Social Security makes up 90% or more of family income for nearly 20% of Nebraska seniors.