Accountable Care Alliance formed to lower health care costs, improve patient health

Omaha, NE – The Nebraska Medical Center and Methodist Health System have formed what's called an Accountable Care Alliance.

The primary goal of the Alliance is to lower health care costs. NMC and Methodist doctors will work together across systems in hopes of making patient care more efficient. Patient accountability is another of the Alliance's goals. A patient would be required to take a larger role in their own care through education, exercise and wellness programs. For example, a diabetic patient might receive daily reminders to take their medication and monitor their blood sugar. That patient would also be required to take diabetes education classes and enroll in an exercise program.

The partnership between NMC and Methodist Health System is believed to be one of the first in the nation. A 12 member board will operate the alliance and create strategies for improving patient care. NMC and Methodist officials hope the Alliance ultimately helps lower costs by keeping people healthier and more productive.