Activate Omaha reveals new Active Routes

Omaha, NE – New signs have been installed around Kellom Elementary showing "Active Routes" to school.

Activate Omaha created the Active Routes program through money from a CDC grant. Activate Omaha Coordinator Julie Harris, says the grant money enabled Activate Omaha to take their previous Safe Routes to School initiatives and expand them to the next level. She says later this spring, Active Routes will be created around five schools in Benson. By the end of the project, Harris says 15-20 local schools will have Active Routes. She says Active Routes are, "some routes that we've designated, that work well to get through neighborhoods to elementary schools. And we've gone out and looked at streets that have lower traffic or access to crosswalks. Or maybe the streets have speed bumps on them or the stop signs line up a certain direction to make it easier for the pedestrian. Whatever it takes to get to the school in the safest and most convenient way possible."

The purpose of Activate Omaha is to motivate people in the city to be active in their everyday lives.