Actress Glenn Close Speaks at "Breaking the Silence" Event

Sep 30, 2013

Glenn & Jessie

1 in 4 families in our community are affected by mental illness.

Actress Glenn Close will speak at Community Alliance’s “Breaking the Silence” event on Thursday.  She will talk about the importance of reducing the stigma associated with mental illness.

The issue became extremely personal for Close after her sister Jessie was diagnosed with bipolar disorder and Jessie’s son with schizoaffective disorder. 

Close says the backbone of stigma has come to light after a national survey.

"Number 1 is that people with mental illness will either harm themselves or someone else. The other ones are that people don’t want you as a neighbor, taking care of or teaching their children and they don’t want them in the office or workplace.”

Jessie will also speak at the event, sharing her journey with others. Community Alliance’s “Breaking the Silence” event takes place Thursday at Joslyn Art Museum, starting at 5:30.