AFCEA USSTRATCOM Cyber and Space Symposium is under way

Omaha, NE – The Century Link Center is the site of the Cyber and Space Symposium, sponsored by USSTRATCOM and AFCEA International.

The theme of the 3-day symposium is "Space and Cyber: New Challenges, New Opportunities." Kent Schneider, President and CEO of AFCEA, says the symposium features a variety of speakers from the Department of Defense, industry and academia.

He says the cyber and space areas are evolving more rapidly than any other areas in the defensive security environment. So Schneider says this is a good chance to catch up with what's going on.

"All of the military services have now created cyber component commands that respond to US cyber command. They will all be represented there. And, of course, Homeland Security plays a huge role as does Intelligence and they will all have people there. I think it's a good opportunity for people who are engaged in this particular market to provide feedback."

The Cyber and Space Symposium began today and runs through Thursday. Symposium details are available online at