Aksarben Cinema's Digital Experience Begins December 10th

Omaha, NE – Aksarben Cinema is Omaha's only locally-owned and all-digital movie theatre.

Doors open on Friday, December 10th and owner Bill Barstow is excited. He says the new theatre will offer 10 screens that will be able to show both 2-D and 3-D content on the same day in the same auditorium. The new theatre offers unusual concession fare including cheeseburger eggrolls and green bean fries. Barstow says the theatre was designed with the movie-goer in mind, "It's designed for people who love movies. When you walk in, you're not going to talk to a giant piece of glass, you will talk to a person, so right there we hit you with good customer service. After you walk in, the technology takes over. Everything was designed to make sure you have a more private experience. It's a theatre designed by people who love movies and we happen to be in the movie business."

Aksarben Cinema also features a full-service bar and seats that minimize distractions created by other patrons. For show times, the web site is