Alert Today, Alive Tomorrow on view at the Strategic Air & Space Museum

Feb 4, 2013

Alert Today, Alive Now: Living with the Atomic Bomb is on display at the Strategic Air & Space Museum.

The traveling exhibition focuses on the time period between 1945 and 1965 and the awareness of the potential for a nuclear attack. 

Michael Sibbernsen, Science and Technology Coordinator for the Strategic Air & Space Museum, says the exhibit is important for many reasons. 

He says Americans were afraid of the unknown and afraid of other countries during that time period. 

Sibbernsen says it’s important to understand the fears of the country during that time and how it relates to today’s world.

"We understood that when we are showing a classroom and talking about protecting yourself from the bad guy that nowadays that bad guy has changed but that message is still the same.  It’s important to be able to protect yourself.  So that’s kind of a poignant topic there.”

Sibbernsen says the museum has added some of its own pieces to complement the exhibition, including a hydrogen bomb and a bomb shelter diorama. 

Alert Today, Alive Tomorrow is on display at the Strategic Air & Space Museum for two months.