American Legion says VA does a great job

Nov 1, 2012

Overall the VA is providing quality healthcare to the nation’s veterans. 

That’s according to the American Legion’s 2012 System Worth Saving Task Force Report. 

The report, released earlier this month, offers recommendations following visits to 25 VA medical centers across the country, over a period of six months. 

Warren Goldstein is Spokesman for the American Legion. He says they recommend the VA create an executive hiring task force and switch its quality of patient care tracking tools. 

He says the report found nationwide the VA has over 500 measures to assess and track quality of care and patient satisfaction.

"There are over 152 VA Medical Centers that deliver healthcare to over 8 million veterans nationwide, so it’s the largest integrated healthcare system in the world.  So what we wanted to evaluate was the utilization management of how VA Medical Centers were delivering that care.”

Goldstein says next year’s report will focus on female veterans.  The full report may be viewed online here.