American Lung Association report says Douglas County's air quality is improving

Apr 30, 2015

A new report gives Douglas County a C grade when it comes to air pollution from ozone.

The American Lung Association report ranks cities and counties based on ozone and particle pollution. It’s based on three years of pollution data from monitors. The report also takes in to account the number of poor air quality days. Douglas County’s air quality has improved, and year-round particle pollution levels are lower, according to the report.

Susannah Fuchs, Director of Clean Air for the American Lung Association, says everyone has a role in making the air cleaner.

"Individuals have a lot of power when they purchase a vehicle, making sure that it is as efficient as possible, and then that they maintain their vehicles properly, because a better maintained vehicle will pollute less. And then they make sure we’re being efficient about our driving patterns, if we carpool and vanpool as much as possible, if we don’t get stuck in traffic with our vehicle idling, that can make a difference."

Douglas County is the 132nd most polluted in the nation for ozone, according to the report. Lancaster County received an A grade in the report for its air quality.

The Douglas County Health Department has daily air quality statistics on its website,