"An American in Paris" is onstage at the Orpheum next week

Feb 8, 2018

Omaha Performing Arts will present An American in Paris onstage at the Orpheum Theatre beginning Tuesday, February 13th.

Allison Walsh plays the title role of “Lise Dassin” in the production.  Walsh has been with the show for four years and says the musical provides a real tonic for the moment. 

She says the beautiful, innovative scenic design does not rely heavily on automation or projection, but rather is enhanced by the ensemble members working together. 

Even if you’ve seen the film, Walsh says there will be some surprises.  She says the musical production has altered the timeline a bit. 

The show begins at the liberation of Paris so the production begins earlier than that.

"So it’s a bit darker and grittier look because it’s coming at the end of the war.  The entire opening ballet sequence takes place and you see the literal rebuilding of Paris through dance and scenic design.  And it starts out dark.  There’s a Nazi flag that’s pulled down and then at the end of that you can really see life being breathed back into the city of Paris.”

An American in Paris runs Tuesday, February 13th through Sunday, February 18th at the Orpheum Theatre.  The February 13th show will honor military veterans and their families.

For ticket information, the website is