American Red Cross volunteers head to Colorado

Sep 16, 2013

American Red Cross volunteers from the Nebraska/Southwest Iowa region are heading to Colorado following deadly flooding there.

At least four people are dead and hundreds unaccounted for after floods washed out roads and inundated towns. Nine volunteers from the Nebraska/Southwest Iowa region were sent to Colorado. Spokeswoman Liz Dorland says they’re providing a wide range of services, including disaster assessment.

"Some people will be traveling around in Emergency Response Vehicles, which are those big vehicles that people often see at a fire, handing out meals. Delivering meals, food, water, snacks. They’ll be giving out clean-up supplies, like trash bags, shovels, gloves, bleach, buckets, and mops. So they’ll be delivering supplies to impacted neighborhoods."

Dorland says Nebraskans looking for loved ones in Colorado can check the Red Cross’ Safe and Well website at There, they can input the name and address or phone number of the person, and see if their loved one is registered at a Red Cross shelter. If so, they’ll receive a message from that person.

Dorland says the Red Cross volunteers will likely be in Colorado for two weeks.