Appointment of New Inspector General of Nebraska Child Welfare

Sep 4, 2012

Nebraska has its first Inspector General of Child Welfare.

Julie Rogers assumed that post on July 23rd. The position was created by a bill in the Nebraska Legislature during its 2012 session.  Rogers has a law degree from the University of Nebraska and has experience in both juvenile justice and child welfare. 

Rogers says she spent her first month meeting as many people in the child welfare system as possible.  She toured youth rehab and treatment centers and met with staff from various child welfare agencies. 

"Understanding the lay of the land of child welfare, what are the mandates for changes in the system and then keeping track of those moving parts to make sure the system, as a whole, is moving forward.  And providing that accountability for the legislature.”

The Nebraska Legislature created the full-time position to investigate and review the Nebraska Child and Welfare System. 

The Inspector General position is affiliated with the Nebraska Ombudsman’s Office and is part of the legislative branch of state government.