Archaeology conference scheduled in Omaha

Nov 8, 2013

OMAHA, Neb. (AP) — Secrets from the Temple Mount and the role of Egypt's pharaoh in Israel will be among topics to be discussed at this year's Batchelder Conference of Biblical Archeology at the University of Nebraska at Omaha campus.

The conference will run Thursday through Saturday next week. The conference is open to the public at the cost of $10. It is free with a student ID.

One discussion will cover the discovery of what's been dubbed the "Lovers' Coin." It features the faces of Cleopatra, Egpyt's only female ruler, and Marc Antony, her lover from Rome. The coin was discovered during a dig at UNO's Bethsaida archaeological site in Israel this summer.

For more information about this year's conference, contact Charley Reed at or by phone at 402-554-2129.

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