Art and Nature combine at Fontenelle Forest

Nov 21, 2017

Fontenelle Forest is currently offering an exhibit that pairs poetry with nature.

Merica Whitehall, Executive Director of Fontenelle Forest, says as visitors make their way around the one-mile boardwalk through the forest, they can read 19 excerpts from curated poems that were carved into fallen, decomposing logs. 

Whitehall says the cool thing is the exhibit changes every time you see it. 

She says it’s literally a living work of art where the tree logs continue to decompose and fungi grows all over. 

Whitehall says the exhibit offers guests the chance to reflect on the constant changes happening in nature.

"We are doing new programs, thinking creatively about ways to engage a broader segment of our community in the beauty of Fontenelle Forest.  Once we get people to the forest, they are overtaken by the power and the beauty of this place.  And so this was an incredible way to bring out a whole new segment of our community.”

Whitehall says Fontenelle offers an exhibition catalog that contains the full text of each poem as well as a map where each message may be found. 

More information is available at