BBB Craigslist Scam Alert

Apr 22, 2013

The Better Business Bureau is warning citizens to be careful when they use free online classified sites for real estate transactions.

Jim Hegarty, President and CEO of the Nebraska Better Business Bureau, says people should be suspicious of anybody that’s responding to an offer for rental property or looking for a roommate online. 

Hegarty says the tip off to the rip off is the individual sending you advanced payments and then requesting you to wire money elsewhere to pay for moving expenses or cover furnishings.

"So the big tip off would be if you’re being sent advanced payments.  But the huge red flag would be if you’re being asked to wire money or send money anywhere from those deposits that you’ve made.”

Hegarty says the problem is people send the requested funds and then find out the check or money order they were sent in advance is no good. 

Hegarty advises reading emails carefully. 

He says if there are significant spelling or grammatical errors, it’s most likely a scam. 

For guidance from the BBB, the number is 800-649-6814.