BBB Warns of Health Care Scams

Oct 25, 2013

The Better Business Bureau serving Nebraska, South Dakota, the Kansas Plains and Southwest Iowa is warning of Health Care Reform Scams.

Jim Hegarty, BBB President, says scammers, particularly offshore scammers, are always trying to leverage situations happening in the US to benefit them. He says they see the new healthcare reform act as a ripe opportunity to take advantage of consumers who are unaware of what the law involves.

Hegarty says consumers from all over the region have reported receiving calls from individuals claiming to be representatives of the federal government. 

He says these individuals are asking customers to update their information in relation to Obamacare. Hegarty reminds everyone the government is not going to make those kinds of calls.

"Just know that that’s a scammer that’s trying to get either some information about you that will allow them to steal your identity or maybe even information about your bank accounts so they can access your finances.  We had a case in Hastings where an individual did provide some sensitive financial information to these scammers and we ended up having to help her get her bank account shut down.”

Hegarty says if you get a call like this it’s best to hang up and then report the scammers to the BBB at 402-391-7612.