BBB warns of risk from Internet Explorer vulnerability

Apr 30, 2014

A vulnerability in Microsoft’s Internet Explorer web browser could put your personal information at risk.

Microsoft announced last weekend that a vulnerability in the IE browser could expose users to potential attacks. Jim Hegarty, president of the BBB of Nebraska, Southwest Iowa, South Dakota, and Kansas Plains region, says you should closely monitor your personal information.

"You really need to make sure your virus protection is up-to-date. And if you ever feel that you have clicked on one of these suspicious links that we warn about all the time and you’ve unknowingly done that, or your system isn’t operating properly, or it’s frozen, we think it’s really important to have a scan done, maybe by a professional."

Officials recommend you use a different web browser until the Internet Explorer problem is fixed. The BBB says Windows XP users are particularly vulnerable since that program is no longer supported.