Bellevue Police Chief resigns

May 31, 2012

Bellevue Police Chief John Stacey has resigned, effective Friday.

Stacey’s resignation was announced in a joint statement released Wednesday afternoon with the City of Bellevue. Stacey was with the Bellevue Police Department for more than three decades, and previously served as Fire Chief. In the statement, City Administrator Dan Berlowitz said "Stacey will retire after a career of 34 years with the City of Bellevue. On behalf of the city, I wish him well."

He’s been on paid administrative leave since early May, when allegations surfaced regarding a remark Stacey allegedly made at a Fire Station. In the statement, Stacey and the city of Bellevue say “many of those rumors and supposition are simply untrue or greatly exaggerated.”

Stacey is also scheduled in court next week in Sarpy County on a misdemeanor charge of violating a gun certificate law.

Stacey will retire from the department with his full pension benefits.