Bellevue school project focuses on kindness, understanding

Jul 3, 2014

Students at a Bellevue school spent the last three weeks of their school year on projects teaching about kindness, prejudice, and being misunderstood.

The 43 third-graders at Bellevue Elementary School read the book “Lead With Your Heart” by Jena Ball. The book is about a young pit bull who has trouble finding a home because of his breed. After students read the book, they did several projects with the theme of kindness.

Monica Evon, who taught the class at Bellevue Elementary that did the “Lead With Your Heart” project, says it taught students important life lessons.

Students wrote about the subjects, made quilts, and performed a play based on the book.

The book “Lead With Your Heart” is one in a series by author Jena Ball designed to teach children about prejudice, being misunderstood, and kindness. The books also spread the message of animals as family.