Bellevue Selected to Compete in National Green Contest

Jul 20, 2012

The City of Bellevue has been selected to represent Nebraska in the SC Johnson Green Choices Challenge.

The city with the biggest percentage of sustainable participation during the 6-month contest period, will win a $100,000 environmental grant.  The competition began July 2nd and runs through December. 

The winner will be announced in January 2013.  Bellevue City Councilman Don Preister is Chair of the Green Bellevue Committee.  He says if Bellevue wins, the city would likely put the money toward improvement projects.  He hopes the contest encourages people to consider the environment before throwing something away.

"The Sarpy County landfill will be closing in a year or two at most and we are going to have to be trucking our garbage to David City from Sarpy County.  That should encourage people to recycle more and more.  It saves the fuel cost for shipping it and uses it as a resource rather than seeing it just as waste."

Residents register online and then report regularly on whether or not they recycle each week.  Preister says residents earn points during the process that may be redeemed at local merchants. 

Bellevue residents may register for the Green Choices Challenge by clicking here.