Bellevue University Celebrates Constitution Day

Aug 27, 2014

Bellevue University celebrates Constitution Day on Wednesday, September 17th with a lunchtime discussion. 

Rick Galusha is Program Director of the Kirkpatrick Signature Series at Bellevue University.  He says the focus of the discussion is whether or not religion has a place in government. 

Galusha says the guest speakers are Omaha City Council Person Aimee Melton and Nebraska Public Service Commissioner Anne Boyle. 

He says it’s important for people to learn how to disagree in an agreeable fashion.

"We hear a lot about what the Constitution says and what it doesn’t say.  And I think it’s important to bring people together to have that discussion because inevitably nobody knows everything.  By coming together and learning what other people are thinking or have said, we get a better understanding.  As citizens we are called upon to participate in our society.”

The Constitution Day event takes place at 11:30 in the Student Center at Bellevue University’s main campus. 

The public is welcome to attend and there will be a Q&A session afterward.