Bellevue University Earns Top 3 Ranking

Jun 17, 2013

US News has recognized Bellevue University with a Top 3 ranking for having one of the best online programs for veterans.

Dr. Mary Hawkins, President of Bellevue University, says online programs are critical for military members because it allows them to start and finish programs, even if they change duty stations or are deployed. 

She says in the past, when veterans have moved, they’ve had to start over somewhere new with new requirements. 

Hawkins says US News looked at the quality of Bellevue’s educational programs from several perspectives.

"They looked at the faculty credentials, the kind of programs you offered and the outcome and that you had assessments.  And they looked to see that you were regionally accredited.  Those were the three gates for academic qualities: curriculum, faculty and accreditation.”

Hawkins says rankings were also contingent on the type of support universities provide for veterans online, including whether they can access the library and work with their advisor online. 

US News also looked at the responsiveness of Bellevue’s professors, and veterans’ graduation rates.  Bellevue University ranked third in the online bachelor’s degree category.