Bellevue University opens Military Veteran Services Center

Jun 7, 2013

Bellevue University’s campus is growing with the addition of a Military Veteran Services Center.

The Center opened last week. Bellevue University officials estimate 40 percent of the student population is military-related. J.R. Richardson is Director of the Military Veteran Services Center. He says the goal is to provide veterans with a place for social, academic, and employment support.

"We looked at other veterans centers throughout the country, we talked to veteran students, we went to events to find out what it is they would want in a veterans center so that it wasn’t our vision of what we thought they would like, but rather we really wanted to know what kind of comprehensive services needed to be present, and what format they needed to be in, in order to be effective."

Richardson says veteran services centers are a “game-changer” that provide critical services those students need when transitioning from military to civilian life. Bellevue University’s center also helps veteran students with housing issues and tutoring if needed.