Bellevue voters to decide on sales tax, economic development measures

Oct 26, 2012

Bellevue voters will decide November 6 if the city should raise its sales tax one-half cent and create an economic development program.

The half-cent sales tax measure would generate an estimated $3 million a year for ten years. $375,000 per year would go toward infrastructure projects in the Highway 34 corridor near La Platte.

Toby Churchill, executive director of the Sarpy County Economic Development Corporation, says the infrastructure is important to business development because companies want a site with all utilities present.

“Normally these projects are fast-tracked. They don’t take a lot of time, they’re moving fast, they’re trying to make decisions and trying to get this plant up and running. So from our perspective, this is the best opportunity we have in the Highway 34 corridor for rail-served industrial parks.”

The other ballot measure would create an economic development program. City Councilwoman Kathy Saniuk says $750,000 in existing city funds would go toward the program during its duration. It could only be used for incentives to attract businesses, business loans, or job training programs.

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