Bemis Center for Contemporary Arts holds its 12th Annual Art Auction this Saturday.

Omaha, NE – Executive Director Mark Masuoka says one of the new features this year is the addition of the Thursday night art auction in the Bemis Underground.

He says the extra auction offers the Bemis the chance to show about 100 more artists' work. Masuoka says in the true underground style, it will be fun, have a lot of energy and is a high taste, fast-paced auction. He says those who attend the auction have the opportunity to enjoy a piece of Omaha's creative community. Masuoka says the works up for auction are from artists all over the country and artists in our own community. He says guests will, "see so much of the work that's also coming out of our residency program and it just gives you a great glimpse of what's happening in the contemporary art world."

Reservations are required to attend the auctions and may be made by calling 341-7130.