Better Business Bureau urges caution when shopping online for the holidays

Nov 23, 2012

The Better Business Bureau is warning holiday shoppers to be careful when buying gifts online.

Monday is what’s known as “Cyber Monday,” one of the busiest online shopping days of the season. Jim Hegarty, president of the BBB of the Nebraska, southwest Iowa, South Dakota, and Kansas Plains division, says online shoppers should be careful when visiting sites offering significant discounts.

"They’re online, looking for great smokin’ deals for the holiday, they might get pop-ups on their computer that could be drive-by malware, they might see links they aren’t familiar with offering great deals, and people need to really be cautious when they’re shopping online. Be careful that you’re not venturing in to a site that doesn’t have your best interest in mind."

Hegarty says you should also run virus scans after doing online shopping to make sure your computer isn't infected. 

He says you should also be careful with charitable donations this holiday season, and donating only donating to well-known charities that provide support during the holiday season.

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