Bicycle corral installed in Benson

Dec 2, 2013

Bicyclists in Benson have a new place to park their bikes.

A bicycle corral was installed at 60th and Maple Streets, in front of the Omaha Bicycle Company. The corral can accommodate 12 bicycles. Carlos Morales, Omaha’s Bicycle and Pedestrian Coordinator, says the added bicycle parking meets a couple of community needs.

"One is allowing bicycles to park at a specific area. But not only is it parking, but it’s also alleviating some of the congestion that we had along the sidewalk. So now not only can people come over to Benson and park their bike in a safe, secure place, but it also allows us to keep the sidewalk clear and keep the area clear for pedestrians to get across."

Morales says with the bicycle corral, there are now 31 bicycle parking spaces in Benson. He says the city will gauge the usage of the Benson bicycle corral before determining if other ones will be installed in Omaha.

The city partnered with the Benson Business Association, Benson Ames Alliance, and other organizations for the bike corral.