Big Bird Vs. Big Oil

Oct 18, 2012

The Omaha Press Club and the League of Women Voters presented a debate today (Thursday) between the two candidates for Nebraska’s 2nd congressional District.

Republican Congressman Lee Terry is seeking his 8th term in office.  He faces challenger, Democrat John Ewing, who’s currently Douglas County Treasurer. 

Among the topics they discussed were healthcare, education, and federal subsidies. 

On a question of whether he’d support federal funding for public broadcasting or big oil, Congressman Terry said he wants to reform corporate tax codes and lower their tax rates so businesses can be more competitive.

"Do away with all of those big oil tax breaks as well as others that pick winners and losers.  Now you mentioned Big Bird.  If we are going to do both, I have a record of saying PBS can stand on its own in today’s media world without government subsidies.”

Ewing said he agrees that reforms are needed for tax policies, especially those relating to industries such as big oil that are making billions in profits. 

But he said cutting funding for public broadcasting wouldn’t offer enough in terms of savings.

"I believe continuing to support public broadcasting is a critical issue.  It’s such a very small part of our overall federal budget that we really shouldn’t be having this conversation if that’s the place to cut.”

KIOS will air the debate between John Ewing and Lee Terry in its entirety on Monday, October 29th at Noon.