Bill seeks to keep young people in school until age 18

Jan 30, 2012


A measure in the Unicameral seeks to keep young people in school until graduation or age 18.

Senator John Wightman’s bill removes language in state law saying a child can drop out of school at age 16 with their parents’ written consent. Wightman says it’ll improve graduation rates and lower the dropout rate statewide. He says high school graduates also have better future outcomes. “I think any time these kids graduate from high school, future life is going to be impacted by it. And if they get their high school diploma, I think they’re going to make more money throughout their lifetime, I think it would keep many of them out of incarceration in future years, I just think there would be a lot of positive impact on their lives.”

The Nebraska Department of Education estimates more than 1,900 students 16 or older dropped out of school in 2009-10.

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