Black-White Dialogues Seeks to Help Eliminate Racism

Omaha, NE – Nebraskans for Peace's Black-White Dialogues, is a weekly series that aims to help eliminate racism in the community from the ground up, through one to one dialogues and group discussions.

Elaine Wells, MS, founded the dialogues. She says the series is held three times a year, with six sessions each. Wells says in the past, the workshops have had an enthusiastic response on a broad range of topics, including the history of racism in the United States. The theme of the fall series is "Helping Youth Create and Achieve Their Vision of Success". Wells says the group is much smaller this time but the conversations are much more intense. She says, "People have a lot of interest and knowledge already and are just soaking this up and are eager to share and find solutions."

After each presentation, the audience will divide up into black and white pairs to discuss the topic presented. To register, the web site is